Learn to hire for the long run


It’s the Best Way to Reduce
Risk and Increase Success

Unpredictable Can Be Pretty Predictable

A Bad Hire Costs You Money

Recruiting costs, wasted salary budget, lost production, wasted time, employee morale, and potentially… big fines.


fig02 – fine to JP Morgan Chase & Co

Although this is an extreme example for a very large company

– the point remains –

the wrong hiring decision will hurt you.

Move Beyond Instincts

Science and data remove emotion and bias from the hiring process. While instincts and gut feelings may sometimes pan out, wouldn’t it be good to back them up with rationale? You may find out that your gut feeling actually turned out to be the burrito you had for lunch.

Here are the three pillars that make our platform, and you, successful at hiring great employees.


Based on Facts
Not Theory

Combining Brain Science, (the science of decision making,) Probability Science (measured likelihood that an outcome with occur) and Social Science (human behavior) – our platform produces valid reasoning rather than emotional reasoning to establish a candidate’s probability for success. Move beyond instincts to make well-informed, rational hiring decisions.


A Purposeful Plan
Secures Predictable Results

The best employees want to do valuable work and contribute. Typical job descriptions are worse than useless, they have no impact on quality of hire. HireBrain turns the tables on old, outdated, and unproductive hiring practices. Our proven methodology is a new, forward-facing view of hiring. Hiring shouldn’t be about following rules. You know where you need to go, we’ll help you get there.


A Productive Environment
Makes All the Difference

Our easy-to-follow process is comfortable for everyone. Our program eliminates bias, creates a fantastic candidate experience and gets results. What kind of results? 88% of employees hired through HireBrain methodology exceeded all objectives over 18 months post hire. HireBrain equips you to make great decisions, save time, and create long-term success.

How Hirebrain Works

A system is not a system without multiple working parts. Emphasis on working.

Who Needs a Hirebrain?

No matter your role or company size – we can help you hire smarter!
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It’s the first quantum leap forward in hiring methodology in over 30 years.

This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired, and equipped to make great hires; feeling much more confident with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately!

I feel better equipped to hire after completing the course. This was my objective at the beginning.

HireBrain saved us 5-10 hours a week during our hiring cycle. I got back over a week of selling time!

This workshop was beautifully executed to bring together research & practice.

It’s a great learning experience. I appreciated the opportunity to apply each section immediately using real situations from my business and the scientific approach to using these principles.